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Meet the Staff of Exclusive Auto Wholesale

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Drew Shields - OWNER

205-406-5644 -

I absolutely love what I do. I am blessed with a beautiful amazing Wife that puts up with me at work & at home everyday. I am blessed with an amazing team of people to work with. I work very hard there's no 2 ways about it. I wake up early & go to bed late & hustle all day. I Love cars & I love people & have a true passion for this business. 

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Randy Long - Sales Manager

205-406-5644 - Randy@eawcars.com

Randy Long has so much experience selling cars that a sale takes about as much effort for him as getting dressed does for the rest of us. He is our Sales Manager for good reason. Randy gets every customer taken care of quickly and efficiently. He has been a part of EAW since very near the start, and his success will keep him here for a long time. If you really are not sure what type of vehicle you want or need, Randy is the man to see. He is very practical and has great wisdom and insight that will guide you in the right direction. 

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Jason Green - Sales

205-520-3717 - Jason@eawcars.com

Jason came to EAW from selling houses, but you would never have guessed he did not have car sales experience. He dove in headfirst and was a top competitor in his first month here. He has set a high bar and is always competing with himself to do better. Jason has a reputation around here as the guy who is always getting great reviews. Now, I'm not sure if he slips the customers some cash, or if they truly enjoy their experience with him enough to go home and get online to post a report to the world about how helpful Jason was. But regardless I promise he will take care of you. 

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Brian McCollum - Sales

205-503-0004 - Brian@eawcars.com

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Scott Chmiel - Sales

941-400-9822 - Scott@eawcars.com

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Kory Marshall - Operations Manager

205-224-7779 - Kory@eawcars.com

Mr. Marshall is what you would call the soul of the dealership. He spends his days, nights, weekends with his head in the game taking calls and getting things done. Kory handles the amount of work one would assume hiring 3 people to handle, but he manages it all himself. His drive is unmatched and he probably spends more time here than any member of the team. If anyone here needs help, regardless of what department, Kory is the first person they call. He is the king problem solver. His hair is red. 

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Patrick Inman - Finance Manager

205-406-5644 - Patrick@eawcars.com

Patrick is a pro at everything from financing to floor planning. He handles titles, he handles the accounting, he even covers for the finance manager when Perry needs a day off or a vacation. He has been in the industry for more than 15 years and his well rounded knowledge of the entire business is very impressive!! If you have an issue with any sort of state dmv, title, bill of sale, financing issue- Patrick will find a way to solve your problem!! 

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Blake Gray - Administration

205-222-6966 - Blake@eawcars.com

Blake is the best problem solver I know! She would thrive at any position, but handling floor planning and titles while also taking sales calls just happens to be her role here. All of this, along with following up with customers, handling shipping, and making sure payoffs are handled. She is perhaps the most valuable and behind the scenes member of the team here at EAW. Blake does not waste a second of her day. She gets here an hour before the Dealership opens and stays busy every minute of the day!                       

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Blake Repass - Service

205-612-9252 - Brepass@eawcars.com

Blake is the newest edition to the EAW Squad. Blake is the project man that handles all of the odd jobs around here. From tinting windows, to installing running boards, he can take on multiple projects a day alone and get them all handled no problem. His true specialty is upholstery. Blake re-does leather seats and fixes any damaged cloth trim. Blake gives us the ability to step up the quality of our cars even higher than it already was! He is a very valuable member of the team.

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Joshua Owen - Photographer

205-299-7144 - Josh@eawcars.com

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